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Faith-based keynote speaker, consultant & activist

I work at the intersection of spirituality and public policy to address global challenges.

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I help people better understand the significant contribution of faith based groups to public policy so we have the best chance of solving global challenges–together.

I’m a faith-based environmental activist, keynote speaker, consultant, adviser, and convener who believes in the power of engaged religion and spirituality to transform our approaches to today’s biggest challenges. 

In my professional life, I’ve partnered with universities across the globe, advised the United Nations in its engagement with religious groups, founded a faith-based NGO for environmental action, and worked as a consultant with the World Wildlife Fund and other global organizations.

Hi, I'm Gopal D. Patel

I’ve spoken at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos and universities like Princeton, Cambridge, and Oxford.

For two decades, I’ve been motivated by the same question: How are the wisdom, values, and knowledge of faith traditions and spirituality (including my own) relevant to the world and its challenges?

My Hindu identity and values have been my guiding light, and throughout my career, I’ve worked to show the value and importance of faith based voices engaging in international policy. 

My work focuses on: 

  • bridging the world of faith and spirituality and the secular world of technocrats and public policy; 

  • breaking down the walls between Eastern traditions and Western religions; and

  • ensuring grassroots communities are heard in global forums

Addressing global challenges requires a whole-of-society approach. And that means faith based voices must be at the table.
For two decades now, I’ve worked to translate and apply religious teachings and ideas into policy and action that contribute towards the common good. 

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Keynote presenter and guest speaker for universities, faith groups, high school students, employee resource groups, corporations, and global organizations.

I offer authentic, impactful presentations that inspire change and innovation based on 20 years of faith-based social engagement. 



  • Faith-based environmental action 

  • Global and Engaged Hinduism 

  • Multi faith advocacy at the United Nations

  • Role of religion in international development

  • Values-based social action for people of faith


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Join a community of people who want to go beyond the soundbytes in understanding the role of faith and spirituality in public policy and social change.

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